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The application will only be accepted once all the necessary documentation (indicated in the Degree Notice) is delivered.
To attach multiple documents, you should compress them into a single ZIP or RAR file.
You can send scanned documents attached to this form (see below).

A pair of electronic credentials will be generated and sent to your email that you should use to login to where you will have access to the reference to pay the fees for the application.

Payment of the fee will be available after validation of the submitted documents. Payment can be made by ATM, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

The application will only be accepted after validation of the sent documentation and confirmation of payment. The candidate is responsible for the accuracy of the documentation submitted.

Data Entry for the Course Evaluation and Accreditation

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The personal data submitted in this form are for the exclusive use of the candidature to the University of Madeira. These data are private and will never be disclosed, in strict compliance with the existing legislation on the protection of personal data. If the application is not accepted, once the legal deadlines for complaints have been accepted, and in compliance with the legal deadlines for the preservation of archival documents, these data may be deleted, at the request of the holder, otherwise they may be used solely for the legal obligations to which the University is subject (statistical reports, historical and scientific research without any temporal limitation), provided that they are duly anonymised in such a way as to cease to constitute themselves as personal data.

I declare that the information I have provided in the online form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.